We provide
the essential value
Yeocheon NCC strives to provide needed value to the business of
our customers that contributes to the creation of a happy life.
Focus on the basis We strengthen our expertise by focusing on
our core businesses that produce
the basic raw materials for the petrochemical industry.
Provide reliabilty We will grow to become a trusted partner
by supplying the highest-quality products
in the most stable manner.
Grow together We achieve sustainable and harmonious growth
of society and the environment.
Global leader Through the support of senior leadership and the support of
other areas of the company, our employees will grow to be global leaders
in the petrochemical industry.

Our Business

We produce basic raw materials for various petrochemical industries at four business
sites located in Yeosu National Industrial Complex, with a total of 13 affiliated factories.

The main products. annual production capacity
(Unit: Tons)

  • ETHYLENE 900,000
  • PROPYLENE 591,000
  • MIXED C4 270,000
  • BENZEN 162,000
  • TOLUENE 107,000
  • XYLENE 79,000
  • SM 351,000
  • BUTADIENE 240,000
  • MTBE 170,000
  • ISO-BUTENE 65,000