Intro to Plants

Aromatic Plant 3

Aromatic plant 3 started commercial operation in December 1989 with the introduction of IFP and ARCO technology. This plant uses pyrolysis gasoline (PG) as feedstock, and sulfolane, the hydrogenated and extractant, to selectively fractionate aromatic raffinate, and then high-purity benzene, toluene and xylene.

Plant processes

  • Gasoline Hydrogenation Unit
    To produce high-purity products, this unit hydrogenates the double-bond compounds in the high-purity feedstock to make saturated compounds, and removes sulfur compounds and turn them into feedstock suitable for the extraction unit.
    It sends the hydrogenated HEART CUT mixed C6~C8 to the extraction unit, and Raw-C5 is used as feedstock for the C5 plant, whereas C9+ is used as feedstock for the hydrodealkylation unit (HDA).
  • Extraction Unit
    This unit selectively extracts aromatic compounds, among the C6~C8 mixture(HEART CUT), that dissolve well in sulfolane, an extractant. The extracted aromatic compounds are sent to the fractionation unit.
  • Fractionation Unit
    This unit uses the difference in boiling points of aromatic mixture coming from the extraction unit and hydrodealkylation unit to produce high-purity benzene, toluene and xylene.

Product uses

Aromatic plant 3 Product uses
Raw-C5 Utilized as the raw material for isoprene, DCPD and piperylene in C5 plant.
NA-RAFFINATE Used as feedstock for the solvent.
BENZENE (BZ) Used as feedstock for cyclo hexane and styrene monomer.
TOLUENE (TOL) Used as a solvent.
XYLENE (XL) Used as feedstock for solvents and synthetic fiber.
C9+ C9+ is produced from Aromatic plant and used as fuel.