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Code of Ethics

Yeochun NCC actively practices ethical management
in order to grow with all stakeholders through honest, fair,
and reasonable business practices.

Code of Ethics Guidelines


Yeochun NCC is enacting and announcing a "Code of Ethics" that will serve as the standard for judging the thoughts and actions of executives and employees so that the company and its stakeholders can grow together through honest, fair, and reasonable corporate activities.
We pledge to contribute to the creation of customer value and the growth of the nation and society through this practice. The following Code of Ethics applies
to all Yeochun NCC executives and employees. In addition, the Ethics Management Committee of Yeochun NCC Co., Ltd., is obligated to conduct frequent checks to ensure that all executives and employees understand and comply with this code, and all executives and employees are responsible for observing and abiding by the code.

Chapter 1. Basic Ethics of Employees

The executives and employees of Yeochun NCC Co., Ltd., shall maintain a corporate citizen attitude
with the correct ethical perspective and contribute to the mutual development of individuals and the
company through continuous self-development and fair job performances.

1.1 Basic Ethics
  1. ① In accordance with the company's regulations and policies, executives and employees must faithfully carry out their respective duties.
  2. ② Specified tasks must be completed in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  3. ③ It is imperative to avoid using company resources or expenses for personal gain by strictly separating common/private work.
  4. ④ Work output should be increased through interdepartmental cooperation and clear communication.
  5. ⑤ In the case of a congratulations or condolences event, it is forbidden to notify a partner company or impose a burden on other parties.
  6. ⑥ Through meticulous safety inspections and management, we will make every effort to prevent accidents.
  7. ⑦ Information requiring security, such as confidential company information or business information, shall not be divulged without prior authorization or approval, and for computer software, the genuine product shall be purchased and utilized.
  8. ⑧ Executives and employees shall not engage in sexual harassment that defames employees or compromises their work ethic.
1.2 Fair Business Conduct
  1. ① All work must be performed fairly and in accordance with applicable laws, corporate regulations, and business practices.
  2. ② No economic benefit of any kind (money, valuables, entertainment, other conveniences, etc.) that could compromise work-related fairness shall be accepted from stakeholders.
  3. ③ In relation to work and daily life, executives and employees shall not engage in unethical activities that are contrary to social norms.
  4. ④ A superior may not give subordinates work orders that violate laws, company policies, or commercial customs, and a subordinate may refuse to carry out such duties and report such orders to the company (subordinate superior, manager in charge, department in charge of ethical management), and there shall be no consequences for making such reports.
  5. ⑤ A person in charge of ethical management may request an identity guarantee measure if there is any disadvantage experienced in status or discrimination in terms of working conditions in relation to a report of an act contrary to ethical management, including as described in paragraph 4 above. If the disadvantage is determined to be justifiable following an investigation, the responsible department (team) will take measures to guarantee the individual's status.
1.3 Prohibition of Financial Exchanges, Solicitation, and Gift Giving between Executives and Employees
  1. ① Financial loans, joint guarantees, and mutual guarantees are prohibited between employees.
  2. ② Employees are prohibited from making unreasonable solicitations or receiving any form of monetary compensation in exchange for soliciting.
  3. ③ In principle, the exchange of gifts between individuals is prohibited.
  4. ④ Employees may express congratulations and condolences voluntarily and in accordance with social norms.
1.4 Mutual Respect
  1. ① Executives and employees shall respect one another and observe the basic etiquette required for the workplace.
Chapter 2. Responsibilities of Executives and Employees

Yeochun NCC Co., Ltd., respects all executives and employees as human beings,
treats them equitably based on their abilities and accomplishments, takes precautions to ensure their health and safety,
and strives to enable them to fully express their creativity at all times.

2.1 Human Respect
  1. ① We have established a system in which employees can perform their responsibilities with a sense of ownership and pride, and feel rewarded.
  2. ② We respect individual privacy and work in order to establish a corporate culture based on mutual trust and appreciation.
  3. ③ We create the conditions for executives and employees to engage in creative work, and make periodic efforts to identify and resolve issues.
2.2 Human Resource Development
  1. ① We have the necessary systems in place to actively provide opportunities for self-development and growth so that employees can become autonomous,
    creative individuals with a strong sense of ethics.
  2. ② The company provides all executives and employees with the training necessary for their jobs, and executives and employees share the tangible and intangible knowledge
    that they acquire for the company's growth.
  3. ③ From the perspective of human resource development, supervisors provide their subordinates with necessary advice and direction in consideration of their skills and abilities.
2.3 Fair Treatment
  1. ① All employees are provided with equal employment opportunities based on their aptitudes, talents, and skills.
  2. ② We establish and disclose evaluation standards for the skills and accomplishments of executives and employees, and adhere to them for fair evaluation and compensation purposes.
  3. ③ We do not discriminate on the basis of educational background, province, region of origin, etc., and we treat all employees equally.
2.4 Responsibility for Health and Safety
  1. ① We devise and implement measures to promote employee health and workplace safety.
Chapter 3. Responsibilities and Obligations to Customers

By always respecting the opinions of our customers and providing services and benefits from the customer's perspective,
we consistently create customer-friendly value, thereby gaining the unwavering trust of the people we serve.

3.1 Respect for Customers
  1. ① We are always attentive to customer feedback and committed to customer satisfaction.
  2. ② Maintain a courteous and refined demeanor, as well as a clean appearance, when interacting with customers.
  3. ③ The business of our clients is our top priority.
  4. ④ When speaking with customers over the phone, we are courteous and sincere.
3.2 Fulfillment of Promises to Customers
  1. ① We deliver on our commitments to customers.
  2. ② We maintain the dependability of our goods and services.
3.3 Delivering Value to Customers
  1. ① Recognizing that their success is also our success, we strive to provide customers with the value they require.
  2. ② We provide products and services of the highest quality at competitive prices to meet our customers' needs,
    and we respond promptly and accurately to all legitimate requests.
Chapter 4. Pursuing Mutual Growth with Suppliers

Yeochun NCC Co., Ltd., seeks mutual growth by maintaining mutual trust and cooperative relationships
with it partner businesses through transparent and fair transactions.

4.1 Fair Trade
  1. ① We grant opportunities to qualified companies to join Yeochun NCC Co., Ltd., as partners, and make rational decisions based on objective
    and fair registration and selection criteria.
  2. ② All transactions must be conducted fairly and in accordance with mutually satisfactory conditions and procedures.
    • All modifications to transaction terms are determined through consultation with the relevant partner company.
    • When evaluating suppliers, we prioritize ensuring fairness by employing objective and unambiguous criteria.
4.2 Prohibition of Misconduct

We do not act unfairly toward suppliers by leveraging our position of superiority.

  1. ① Notification of the precise reason and date ensures objectivity and validity when trading with a fixed partner company is suspended.
  2. ② We ensure fairness by preventing transactions from being interrupted as a result of unilateral judgments based on unfair methods.
  3. ③ To ensure reliability, passing on costs in a transaction is prohibited without prior consultation with the partner company.
  4. ④ We do not accept money, valuables, entertainment/hospitality, or conveniences from superior business partners.
4.3 Pursuing Mutual Development
  1. ① We aim to establish a transparent trading environment through honest and reasonable business dealings.
  2. ② Long-term, we will actively support the competitive growth of our suppliers and share the profits generated as a result.
Chapter 5. Compliance with Laws and Respect for the Market Order of Free Competition

We comply with all local laws and commercial practices wherever we conduct business and compete
in a manner that ensures fairness and transparency.

5.1 Compliance with Laws and Commercial Practices
  1. ① We do not violate domestic fair-trade laws.
  2. ② We do our best not to violate local laws and commercial customs when conducting international business transactions.
5.2 Respect for Market Freedom and Competition
  1. ① We provide the highest level of quality and service to our customers to earn their recognition and trust and gain a competitive advantage in the free market.
  2. ② We compete with our competitors in good faith and observe fair trade practices.
Chapter 6. Corporate Social Responsibility and Obligations

By growing into a financially stable company through rational business practices,
we are protecting the interests of our shareholders and contributing to the growth of society
and the creation of a prosperous life for people.

6.1 Contribution to National and Social Development
  1. ① We consistently produce value required by the nation and society.
  2. ② We refrain from conducting business that is detrimental to the development of the country and society, and we conduct all business activities with respect for social values.
6.2 Social Contribution Activities
  1. ① We contribute to social development by ensuring and encouraging employee participation in beneficial community service activities.
  2. ② The company will make every effort to provide the necessary institutional support for the active social service activities of its employees.
6.3 Protection of Shareholders
  1. ① Our executives and employees seek to maximize shareholder profits by increasing the value of the company through transparent and sincere management.
  2. ② We respect our shareholders' right to know, as well as their legitimate requests and suggestions, and have implemented a transparent management system to foster a relationship
    of trust with them.
6.4 Environmental Protection
  1. ① We strictly adhere to environmental laws and enthusiastically embrace international environmental conventions.
  2. ② We endeavor to minimize environmental impacts, reduce resource consumption, and prevent and recycle environmental pollutants in all of our business activities, products,
    and services.
  3. ③ We conduct appropriate education and training so that all executives and employees can participate in environmental management activities,
    and encourage active environmental management by highlighting the importance of the environment with our trade partners.
  4. ④ We actively participate in local environmental protection efforts.
  5. ⑤ We will do our utmost to develop environmental protection technology.
6.5 Prohibition of Political Involvement
  1. ① Yeochun NCC Co., Ltd., does not engage in any political activity.
    While we respect the individual suffrage rights of our executives and employees, we do not make contributions to candidates or political parties chosen by individuals.
  2. ② No political activities are permitted on company property.
  3. ③ We do not illegally support candidates or political parties in any election.
Chapter 7. Supplementary Provisions
7.1 Effective Date
  1. The effective date of this Code of Ethics is December 28, 2006.
7.2 Code of Ethics Practice Guidelines

To ensure that all executives and employees put the Code of Ethics into practice,
separate Code of Ethics Practice Guidelines have been established and promulgated.

7.3 Rewards and Discipline

Employees who comply with ethical management and contribute to the company's ethical management activities will be rewarded,
while those who violate the Code of Ethics and Practice Guidelines will be disciplined in accordance with company policies.

7.4 Consultation and Interpretation

In the case of ethical management activities not specified in the Code of Ethics or Practice Guidelines,
or in the event of a dispute over interpretation, the interpretation and decision of the Ethical Management Practice Office shall be adhered to.
In addition, when implementing the Code of Ethics and Practice Guidelines,
the company's interests take precedence over those of individuals in the event of a conflict of interest.

7.5 Relationship with Regulations of Other Companies

Our Code of Ethics, which serves as our foundation for ethical management practices, takes precedence over the regulations of other companies.