Global leader Through the support of senior leadership and the support of other areas of the company,
our employees will grow to be global leaders in the petrochemical industry.

HR System

Based on our business philosophy and vision of our people, we offer an HR system that can provide fair opportunities
for our employees to fully realize their potential and contribute to the development of the company as well as themselves.

Welfare System

Yeochun NCC advocates for a healthy lifestyle by providing a diverse benefits package.

  • Life style support
  • Health care support
  • Business support
  • Leisure support

Life style

Financial support for housing
  • Loans for purchase or renting of houses
  • Company housing and dormitory for plant workers
Scholarships for children
  • Payment of tuition for employees' children all the way through to college
  • Cash payable when employees' children enter preschool, elementary, middle or high school
Support with cerebrations and condolences
  • Days off and cash for family occasions
Other benefits
  • Pension system (reserve fund for retirement)
  • Welfare credits

Health care

Medical expenses
  • Full coverage of medical (including dental) expenses for employees
  • Partial coverage of expenses incurred to their families
General health
  • Annual check for employees over 40, and biannual check for employees of 35 to 39 and their spouses
Regular health
  • Annual check for employees under 40
Special medical
  • Employees working in selected plants


Free lunch
  • Lunch is served free of charge at each business site (except HQ where cash is paid instead)
Support for transport and communication
  • Free shuttle (for plant workers)
  • Coverage of business transport or communication costs
Free work uniform
  • For summer and winter (for plant workers)
Rewards for long-term service
  • Souvenirs for 10, 20 and 30 years of continuing service and free travel


Vacation policy
  • Annual leave (4 days)
  • Resorts and places for summer getaways
Club support
  • Support for club activities