Intro to Plants

OCU Plant

The OCU(Olefin Conversion Unit) plant uses C4 Raffinate from the BD plant and the MTBE plant as the main raw material to remove the butadiene and C4 acetylenes through selective hydrogenation, and then after produces propylene by reacting ethylene(C4 Isomerization and Olefin Metathesis).

Plant processes

  • Hydrogenation Reaction Unit 1
    This unit removes components heavier or lighter than C4 through mixing C4 Raffinate-2 containing a high content of butadiene and acetylene after the first hydrogenation reaction (Selective Hydrogenation) with C4 Raffinate-3 containing a low content of butadiene, etc. among C4 Raffinate as feedstock.
  • Hydrogenation Reaction Unit 2
    This unit finally removes butadiene and C4 acetylenes through the second hydrogenation reaction after removing impurities (aldehyde, acetone, chloride, etc.) in the first hydrogenation reaction.
  • Olefin Unit
    This unit produces propylene through the reaction(C4 isomerization and olefin metathesis) of 2-butenes and ethylene among C4 Raffinate as feedstock.

Product uses

OCU Plant Product uses
PROPYLENE Used as feedstock for Polypylene(PP), acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol, Propylene glycol, etc.