Global leader Through the support of senior leadership and the support of other areas of the company,
our employees will grow to be global leaders in the petrochemical industry.

HR System

Based on our business philosophy and vision of our people, we offer an HR system that can provide fair opportunities
for our employees to fully realize their potential and contribute to the development of the company as well as themselves.

HR System

Position Process

  • Those who have shown superior performance or achievements can get promoted faster regardless of their rank.
  • Those who joined the company right out of college get paid according to the annual salary system when
    they reach Level 3 (Chief).
  1. Level 5
  2. Level 5
  3. Level 4
  4. Level 3Chief
  5. Level 2Assistant Manager
  6. Level 2Dept. Manager
  7. Level 1Deputy Manager
  8. Level 1General Manager
General office position : Level 3(Chief), Level 2(Assistant Manager), Level 2(Dept. Manager), Level 1(Deputy Manager), Level 1(General Manager) Technical position : Level 5, Level 5, Level 4, Level 3(Chief), Level 2(Assistant Manager), Level 2(Dept. Manager)

Performance based
HR system

  • We link your performance on the job and capability to your compensation and promotion.
  • We offer a system that can foster both higher performance of the organization and the development and growth of individual employees

Training and
development of employees

  • We offer training programs for our employees tailored to their needs on the job to help the organization secure the highly
    qualified resources required for operation.
  • To do this, we define the capability and knowledge required for each level and design appropriate training programs.
    This way our people can equip themselves with the right tools to fulfill their jobs.
  • Our members can earn credits from training courses they take, which facilitates self development and skill enhancement.
    The credits earned are linked to their promotion.