Intro to Plants

C5 Plant

C5 plant fractionates and produces isoprene, piperylene and DCPD (Dicyclopentadiene) products with C5 produced from the aromatic plant as feedstock according to the extractive distillation method (extractant: ACN(CH3CN)).

Plant processes

  • Isoprene Unit
    Extraction (ACN(CH3CN)) of isoprene contained in Raw-C5 is a process for producing high purity isoprene by distillation. The remaining mixture of piperylene and DCPD is sent to the piperylene unit from the bottom of the tower.
  • Piperylene Unit
    The mixture of piperylene and DCPD is distilled to produce piperylene at the top of the tower, and the remaining DCPD mixture is sent from the bottom of the tower for the process of dissipation.
  • DCPD Unit
    This unit produces final DCPD by purifying the DCPD mixture.

Product uses

C5 Plant Product uses
ISOPRENE Used for tires, surgical gloves, latex, shoes, high performance adhesives (such as post-it, labels, tapes), etc.
PIPERYLENE Used for acrylate-based products and road marking painting, etc.
DCPD Used as the raw material for low-temperature molding products (Snowmobiles, Truck Body), electronics, optics and special plastics.