Global leader Through the support of senior leadership and the support of other areas of the company,
our employees will grow to be global leaders in the petrochemical industry.

HR System

Based on our business philosophy and vision of our people, we offer an HR system that can provide fair opportunities
for our employees to fully realize their potential and contribute to the development of the company as well as themselves.

Able to create business
teamwork and an open mind

  • You should be considerate of others based on mutual understanding and trust
  • You should be a perfect team player for greater performance based on compromise and cooperation
  • You should do your job with the right values and positive thinking

Constantly aims
for the highest level of

  • You should be a leader in your area through ceaseless personal development
  • You should have the knowledge and experience comparable to those of professionals in the relevant fields

Driven to innovate
through eagerness
and passion

  • You should see things differently and try many different angles to lead change and innovation
  • You should be active and passionate enough to achieve your goals no matter what challenges you encounter
  • You should contribute to the organization and society through your job