Grow together We achieve sustainable and harmonious growth of society and the environment

Introduction to Ethical Management

Yeochun NCC actively practices ethical management
in order to grow with all stakeholders through honest, fair,
and reasonable business practices.


We operate in a transparent manner
in accordance with principles
and standards.
We conduct
all business relationships
in a fair and impartial manner.

Proclamation of
Ethical Management

Yeochun NCC has held a ceremony to declare ethical management and established its position as a corporate citizen with a proper ethical perspective, and is actively practicing ethical management via continuous self-development and fair job performances.

Code of Ethics

We have established a code of ethics as our standard for judging the thoughts and actions of all our executives and employees,
who practice it with consensus.
By displaying this information on our website, we encourage third parties who do business with Yeochun NCC to learn the relevant content and participate actively.

The Strong Will
of the CEO

Our ethical management echoes the commitment of our CEO, who has stated, "We have an organizational culture that protects us and the company, as well as a core corporate culture that will win the unwavering trust of the world."


Ethical Management Committee
The Ethical Management Committee was established to ensure employee compliance with the Code of Ethics and to promote the company's ethical business practices.
The Compliance Support Team, the department responsible for ethical management, ensures that all corporate activities are integrated into a culture of honesty and fairness.
Operation of the Cyber Reporting Center
The Cyber Reporting Center is an Internet-based feedback collection channel installed to promote ethical management.
It receives information regarding inquiries, suggestions, and proposals related to ethical management, unfair business practices of executives and employees, unreasonable position-based demands, and corruption, and information on whistleblowers is rigorously protected and kept confidential from third parties.