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Ceremony of Declaration

Yeochun NCC actively practices ethical management
in order to grow with all stakeholders through honest, fair, and reasonable business practices.

Commemorative Speech on the Declaration
of Ethical Management

Ethical management is not a management trend that follows fads or social expectations;
rather, it is a way of ensuring that our company is well-regarded in the market
and of fostering continuous growth by cultivating infinite trust among shareholders and customers.

Since its inception, our company has maintained high moral standards in all areas of management.
This ethical management proclamation event aims to further solidify and disseminate the foundation for moral work
that we have established in our daily lives.

To our employees:
With our organizational culture of ethical management,
we can protect both 'the company' and 'ourselves' from wrongdoing.
It is a core element of our corporate culture, and the way that we will earn the world's unwavering trust.
It takes a great deal of time and effort to build trust in the market, but it only takes
a moment to destroy it, so we require all employees to engage in ethical management practices. Ethical management necessitates a code of ethics and a variety of ethical management systems, but it is of utmost importance that all executives and employees reach a consensus and adhere to it.
For ethical management to become ingrained in the corporate culture of our organization, stricter standards and meticulous self-management must be prioritized.
If an ethical issue arises in the course of performing work duties, regardless of how insignificant it may seem, you must approach it without compromise.
Declaring ethical management may not produce significant or immediate results,
but I hope that each of our executives and employees will take the initiative to make
a concerted effort in establishing a culture of ethical management. In any case,
I anticipate that our company’s announcement of ethical management both internally and externally will not become merely a slogan, but will produce tangible results.
Thank you.