Focus on the basis We strengthen our expertise by focusing on our core businesses that
produce the basic raw materials for the petrochemical industry.

Department Contact Persons

Please direct your questions to the contact persons. They will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Sales organization

Sales organization information
Classification Contact person Phone number Mail
Isoprene, DCPD, PIP Sales, C9 Choi Kwang-soo 82-2-6370-5423 Send e-mail
General manager of olefin division Lee Sung-kook 82-2-6370-5411 Send e-mail
Ethylene sales Jun Jiho 82-2-6370-5414 Send e-mail
Propylene sales Son Tae-jin 82-2-6370-5413 Send e-mail
M-C4, BD, Butene-1, C3LPG, C4LPG sales Cho Taehee 82-2-6370-5415 Send e-mail
MTBE, C4RAFF-1, Isobutylene, Isobutane sales Park Sun-chang 82-2-6370-5412 Send e-mail
General manager of aromatics division Lee Gi-jeong 82-2-6370-5419 Send e-mail
Benzene, SM, EB, PG sales Kim Woon-wi 82-2-6370-5420 Send e-mail
Toluene, Xylene Cho Hyung-jun 82-2-6370-5421 Send e-mail
CYCLO-PENTANE, C9+ Kim Je-seung 82-2-6370-5422 Send e-mail
C5, PFO, NA-Raffinate sales Cho Hyungjun 82-2-6370-5421 Send e-mail
Hydrogen sales Seo Na-hyeon 82-2-6370-5428 Send e-mail

Purchasing organization(Main office)

Purchasing organizationMain office information
Classification Contact person Phone number Mail
Naphtha purchase (Supply & Demand management, Planning) Yoon Tae-won 82-2-6370-5388 Send e-mail
Naphtha purchase (SPOT, LPG) Jung Jae-yun 82-2-6370-5389 Send e-mail
Naphtha purchase (TERM) Chun Youngsoo 82-2-6370-5394 Send e-mail
Naphtha purchase(Chartering ships, Operation) Kim Kyungtak 82-2-6370-5393 Send e-mail
Naphtha purchase(Operation) Song Minhyeok 82-2-6370-5387 Send e-mail
Construction contract of capitalization materials Lee Yong-Seong 82-2-6370-5382 Send e-mail
Painting materials, pipe, equipment, analysis Kim gyo-nam 82-2-6370-5383 Send e-mail
Purchase of equipment (Pipe, Machine, Equipment) Kim Kun-woo 82-2-6370-5381 Send e-mail
Purchase of equipment (Instrument, Chemicals, Catalysts) Hwang Duk-ju 82-2-6370-5384 Send e-mail

Purchasing organization(plant)

Purchasing organizationplant information
Classification Contact person Phone number Mail
General manager of purchase Kim GyoNam 82-61-688-6023 Send e-mail
Purchasing of Equipment (electricity, safety, consumables) Jang Jaewook 82-61-688-6022 Send e-mail
Purchase of equipment (piping) Cho Hongyoon 82-61-688-6123 Send e-mail
Purchase of equipment (machines, devices, instruments) Jeong Jongkwang 82-61-688-6025 Send e-mail
Construction (Plant 1, 4) purchase Lee jeong-hwan 82-61-688-6313 Send e-mail
Construction (Plant 2, 3) Purchase Kim deokjoong 82-61-688-6024 Send e-mail
General management of equipment Jeon Gyeong-soo 82-61-688-1451 Send e-mail