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Cyber Reporting

Yeochun NCC actively practices ethical management
in order to grow with all stakeholders through honest, fair,
and reasonable business practices.

1. Cyber Reporting Center

The Cyber Reporting Center is an Internet-based feedback collection channel set up to promote ethical management.
The Center receives information regarding inquiries, suggestions, and proposals regarding ethical management,
unfair business treatment of executives and employees, unreasonable position-based demands, and corruption,
and information on whistleblowers is rigorously protected and kept confidential from third parties.
Please refer to Reportable Conduct and report any such conduct;
however, slander that is not based on facts or private personal matters will not be processed.

2. Reportable Conduct
  • Receiving or providing business-related rewards from/to stakeholders (colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc.).
  • Conducting company transactions on behalf of stakeholders (employees themselves, family members, relatives, etc.)
  • Joint investments with stakeholders, acquisition of joint property and lending of assets such as money with stakeholders (colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • Illegal disclosure or use of company assets
  • Acts of self-interest using job responsibilities and confidential company information
  • Disclosure of privately held information
  • Unreasonable discrimination
  • Manipulating documents or calculations
  • Negligent attitudes or neglect of management or supervision
  • Other actions that can harm the dignity of employees or the reputation of the company
3. Whistleblower Protection System
Whistleblower Protection System
Rule Method
Anonymity We protect whistleblowers by handling reports anonymously without the consent of the counselor/reporter, by not disclosing reports even after the case has been closed, and by performing work in such a way that no disadvantages are incurred.
If a supervisor instructs or coerces an unethical action, the affected person shall not be penalized for refusing or reporting it.
If an individual commits an unethical or illegal act but voluntarily reports it, the punishment and disciplinary action for the act shall be reduced or waived.
Rewards are provided according to the severity of the report and the level of damage prevention.
4. Using the Cyber Report Center

A verification procedure is conducted to prevent the dissemination of false information.
Please include your complete name and contact details (e-mail, phone number).

Cyber Reporting