Intro to Plants

Isobutane Plant

The isobutane plant produces high-purity isobutane through distillation using the difference in boiling points of C4LPG and isobutane. After high-purity butane (C4LPG with Olefine less than 100 wt ppm) is produced through the second hydrogenation reaction with butane (C4LPG with Olefine less than 4 mol%) converted by the hydrogenation reaction of C4 Raffinate produced from each plant.

Plant processes

  • Hydrogenation Reaction Unit
    This unit mixes the high-purity C4LPG (with Olefine less than 4 mol%), produced in C4 hydrogenation with hydrogen, passes it through the catalytic layer of the 2-tier reactor and lowers Olefine to less than 100 wt ppm, and sends C4LPG at the bottom of the reactor to the stabilization column. The stabilization column is a packing tower, and discharges the off-gas to the top of the column, and the C4LPG at the bottom of the column to the butane separation column.
  • Isobutane Fractionation Unit
    Off gas is emitted from the upper part of the isobutane fractionation tower, and isobutane products are produced by SIDE CUT. From the bottom, C4LPG is produced.
  • Moisture Removal and DME Removal Unit
    The moisture (20wt ppm) contained in the Isobutane product is lowered by the dryer to 1wt ppm, and sent to the DME (Dimethylether) removal tower for removal of DME, and to the Isobutane storage tank.

Product uses

ISOBUTANE Plant Product uses
ISOBUTANE Used for manufacturing High Density Polyethylene(HDPE) feedstock and isoparaffin.
C4LPG C4LPG is utilized as fuel.