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CYCLO-PENTANE is produced together with mixed C6~C8 (HEART CUT) and C9+ by 

fractionation and purification in the hydrogenation reaction unit of the aromatic plant. 

It is an odorous liquid product.

CAS number : 287-92-3 / Molecular formula : C5H10

Plant processes

This plant uses pyrolysis gasoline (PG) as feedstock, and sulfolane, the hydrogenated and extractant, to selectively fractionate aromatic raffinate, and then high-purity benzene, toluene and xylene.

  • Gasoline Hydrogenation Unit
    To produce high-purity products, this unit hydrogenates the double-bond compounds in the high-purity feedstock to make saturated compounds, and removes sulfur compounds and turn them into feedstock suitable for the extraction unit.
    It sends the hydrogenated HEART CUT mixed C6~C8 to the extraction unit, and Raw-C5 is used as feedstock for the C5 plant, whereas C9+ is used as feedstock for the hydrodealkylation unit (HDA).
  • Extraction Unit
    This unit selectively extracts aromatic compounds, among the C6~C8 mixture(HEART CUT), that dissolve well in sulfolane, an extractant. The extracted aromatic compounds are sent to the fractionation unit.
  • Fractionation Unit
    This unit uses the difference in boiling points of aromatic mixture coming from the extraction unit and hydrodealkylation unit to produce high-purity benzene, toluene and xylene.
  • Hydrodealkylation Unit
    This unit turns the C9+ mixture fractionated in the hydrogenation unit into aromatic mixture containing lots of benzene through hydrocracking and hydrodealkylation. This aromatic mixture containing a lot of benzene is sent to the fractionation unit.
Product uses

Utilized as the raw material for refrigerators, insulation material and heat insulation material.

  • T.P.U : Thermoplastic Poly Urethane
Product inquiry
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Product Speciality Contact person Phone number Inquiry
CYCLO-PENTANE Kim Je-seung 82-2-6370-5422 Mail inquiry
Specifications List
Test Item Unit Test Method Specification
Sp. Gr. (60/60 F) - ASTM D287 0.74 ~ 0.75
n-HEXANE Wt-ppm By GC MAX 10
T-SULFUR Wt-ppm ASTM D 5453 MAX 2
WATER Wt-ppm ASTM D 1364 MAX 150

* The above specifications represent standards may differ from the actual subject matter.