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ESH Activities

We continue to engage in environmental improvement activities to preserve the environment

Health management activities

Regular employee health Check-up

To prevent occupational diseases due to harmful substances, we conduct regular health checkups once a year for all employees, and a special checkup for those handling/storing/manufacturing harmful substances. We conduct about 70 tests for employees and their spouses, e.g. ultrasonic, upper gastrointestinography (UGI) and various cancer tests.

Diagnosing the working environment of hazardous sites

To ensure that operators can work in a safe work environment, we measure the work environment to find out where there are harmful substances.

Managing noise-induced deafness based on the noise map

To minimize employees’ exposure to noise, we measure the noise in all worksites and make a noise map. We use this noise map to carry out prevention activities and improve the work environment. If the upper exposure level is exceeded, we take measures from the viewpoint of engineering and enforce hearing conservation programs, e.g. provision and wearing of protective gear, and regular precision hearing tests. We try to prevent potential noise-induced deafness as much as possible.

Health management system based on business risk and age

We implemented the health management DB to manage personal health history and carry out post-management care to prevent occupational diseases and help employees manage their personal health. We also thoroughly manage potential patients with follow-up management programs on a step-by-step basis, until they are completely cured. We have a program for perfect personal health management and managing work ability.

Blood-donation mutual aid society

Employees who possess blood donation certification organize a blood donation society and both give and receive aid when a large of amount of blood transfusion certifications are needed under urgent circumstances.