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ESH Activities

We continue to engage in environmental improvement activities to preserve the environment

Safety management activities

Risk assessment
  • Conduct Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Assessment (CPQRA) to assess the risk level of processes : We identify the potential risks based on the process risk assessment, analyze the frequency of accidents and the results of accidents, quantitatively evaluate measures in the event of an emergency. We introduced the diffusion modeling program to minimize damage to the company and neighboring areas.
  • Qualitative process risk assessment : Conduct HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Analysis) study for all processes.
  • M-HAZOP : We assess potential risks likely to occur to operators in the process zones, including accidents such as collision, falling and getting caught.
Change management
  • Process safety design: We have professional agent team conduct technical review to ensure safety from the designing stage.
  • Establishment of a work order system
  • Process risk assessment : We conduct the HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Analysis) Study for changes.
  • Pre-start-up safety : The inspection team consisting of experts conduct Pre-start-up safety inspections.
Reinforced responsibility of the LINE organization

The line organization actually influencing environmental safety is held responsible.

Safety inspections

The environment safety team supervises safety audits; domestic and foreign safety experts,
and foreign reinsurers conduct safety inspections; and the site environment safety patrol system is in place.

Internal audits and follow-up audits

To test the suitability of systems and effectively manage them, we periodically undergo internal audits and follow-up audits by external certification authorities.

Ensuring the safety of facilities by improving the reliability of facilities
  • Implement the management system based on risk classification
  • Reinforce preventive activities to ensure the reliability of facilities (preventive tests, preventive inspections and preventive maintenance, etc.)
  • RBI (Risk Based Inspection) : We strive to improve the reliability of plants. That is why we implemented the inspection system based on RBI, and an advanced diagnostic technology that ensures both safety and economic efficiency in the plant industry across the world.
  • Increase reliability by databasing facility maintenance history
  • Reinforce workplace safety management by analyzing work procedure risk factors
Emergency response system implementation and operation
Reinforcing safety education and training programs