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Gallery Plant 1


Plant 1

Plant 1 is the largest production plant of Yeochun NCC. It consists of seven plants: ethylene plant 1,
aromatic plant 1, BD plant 1, SM plant, MTBE plant, OCU plant, isobutane plant and a main building,
steam/water facility, product storage facility, fire department. 

 Nighttime view of Plant 1 image Nighttime view of Plant 1
Entire view of Plant 1 image Entire view of Plant 1
Main building image Main building
Front gate signborad image Front gate signborad
Ethylene Plant 1 image Ethylene Plant 1
Aromatic Plant 1  image Aromatic Plant 1
BD Plant  image BD Plant 1
SM Plant  image SM Plant
MTBE Plant image MTBE Plant
OCU Plant image OCU Plant
Isobutane Plant image Isobutane Plant
Entire view of product storage tank image Entire view of product storage tank
Product storage tank image Product storage tank
Electricity/Steam/Water treatment facilities image Electricity/Steam/Water treatment facilities
Fire Station image Fire Station
Production facilities image Production facilities