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Safety, Health and Environment Policy


Safety, Health and Environment Policy

YEOCHUN NCC Co., Ltd will always place a top priority on Safety, Health and the Environment in all business operations to create a safe and pleasant working environment, while fulfilling its social responsibilities.

  • We will always care about employees’ life and health as a core value in all areas of business, and we will provide sufficient human and material resources to secure Safety, Health and Environment support.
  • We will provide regular training to create a mature safety culture where every employee voluntarily follows the laws and company regulations on safety, health and the environment.
  • We will establish an advanced Safety, Health and Environment management system to manage and maintain all on-site equipment, facilities, and the working environment in the best condition.
  • We will consistently find and reduce harms and risks to achieve an accident-free working environment.
  • We will earnestly implement the Safety, Health and Environment requirements of all persons concerned including employees, clients, and local residents.
  • We will continuously promote activities to reduce greenhouse gas and to actualize a sustainable eco-friendly working environment in response to the climate crisis.

October 1, 2022 Co-Chief Executive Officer Jung-Woon Nam, You-Jin Lee

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