Grow together We achieve sustainable and harmonious growth of society and the environment

EQSH Integrated Management Overview

Delivering the differentiated capabilities of a global company through advanced management.

We have developed and now operate an EQSH Integrated Management System that integrates each business division in an organic manner,
which ensures that the environment (E), quality (Q), safety (S) and health (H) are top management priorities. In particular, we are focusing on the
introduction of advanced management systems, scientific equipment management, and safety enhancements for industrial accident prevention.
Through these efforts, we are realizing a cleaner environment and a safer workplace.

EQSH Policy

From the development to the manufacturing, selling, distribution, use and scrapping of chemical products, we are making sure
that environment (E), quality (Q), safety (S) and health (H) are protected and have made it clear in our management policy.
We are trying to continuously improve the environment, safety, health and quality by taking appropriate measures.

Environment Policy
  • Top priority given to safety, health and environment Yeochun NCC gives top priority to safety, health and environmental preservation in all aspects of management.
  • Zero loss of life and property We comply with all laws and company regulations related to safety, health and environment, and make and handle all products safely to ensure zero loss of life and property.
  • Creating a pleasant working environment To create a pleasant working environment and preserve the natural environment, we implemented an advanced environment management system, and continuously engage in pollution prevention and improvement activities.
  • Fulfilling social responsibilities To make sure that all employees can work in a safe environment, we provide education and training. We furthermore try to inform local residents of the potential influence of corporate activities on safety and health.
Quality Policy
Yeochun NCC will become a leading enterprise, trusted and loved by customers. This will happen by understanding the quality requirements of customers and providing them with products of outstanding quality that meet their expectations and needs. To this end, all employees must comply with the regulations of the quality management system that meets the requirements of international standards. They must also continue to voluntarily take part in quality improvement activities.