What is petroleum?

Petroleum is the hydrocarbon mixture produced in nature as liquid, or what results from refining it.

The natural liquid hydrocarbon mixture is called crude oil, and the crude oil is refined to make petroleum products like gasoline, naphtha, diesel, kerosene and heavy oil. This crude oil and the products, obtained by processing the crude oil, are called petroleum or petroleum products. (Refining: purifying substances by removing impurities contained therein)

What is an oil field?

The area in which petroleum is produced is called an oil field

It refers to an area where many oil wells are concentrated and crude oil is produced. As most crude oil is buried across a vast area, it is necessary to construct many oil wells in many locations of the oil field to produce large quantities of crude oil. In general, oil fields are named after the name of the place where the oil field is located. The offshore oil field in the North Sea between the UK and Norway is called the North Sea Oil Field.

What is crude oil?

The liquid hydrocarbon mixture obtained from the underground oil stratum is called crude oil.

Its main component is reddish brown or dark brown high-viscosity hydrocarbon mixed with sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen. As for the properties of the reddish brown crude oil, according to the chemical petroleum specific classification system of the American Petroleum Institute (API), crude oil is classified into light oil if the specific gravity is greater than 33 degrees; intermediate oil if it is between 30 and 33 degrees; and heavy oil if it is lower than 30 degrees.

What is the general classification
of crude oil?

As crude oil has different properties depending on where it is produced and from which oil stratum it is, it is classified as follows:

Brent oil
Crude oil, produced in the North Sea off the coast of the UK. It is the standard oil on which the price of crude oil traded in Europe and Africa is based.
Dubai oil
Crude oil produced by the UAE in the Middle East. The price of crude oil traded in Asia is based on the price of Dubai oil.
West Texas Intermediate (WTI)
Crude oil produced by the US
Standard crude oil
The crude oil, serving as the standard for pricing crude oil differentially depending on the quality, is called the standard crude oil. In actuality, OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) has been using Saudi Arabia’s Arabian Light as the standard crude oil since 1973, and expanded the types of oil produced to seven from 1987.